To teach is to learn twice 

“To teach is to learn twice” was said by Joseph Joubert. He is absolutely right.

I’ve recently starting giving short talks about various topics at work. Even though I know the information in my head, it takes a whole other set of brain cells to teach and speak intelligently about those subjects.  Read more

Loose Tire!!!

I hate taking my car to be repaired. It’s a total pain in the you-know-where.  I recently got a flat tire. When I took it to the shop to be fixed, it was beyond repair. They needed to order one as well as order all new pressure sensors because they were starting to break and fall apart. The sensor was the likely cause of this flat tire. So this meant a second trip to the repair shop. Read more

Backyard Beehive

So I’ve been dying to get bees for a few years. Just like having backyard chickens, beekeeping feels so natural and calming. There is something so calming to my soul watching Gods creatures peacefully going about their business, part of a much greater plan in the circle of life. And the process of collecting honey looks like so much fun! Read more

Starting a work week off right!

Today, I was pleasantly surprise when I walked into work and found my desk neat and clean! I completely forgotten I had cleaned it off Friday afternoon.You see, I’m not normally a neat and tidy person. Usually I’m running around like a nut, leaving piles of various things in my wake. Those places include my Jeep, the kitchen counter, couch arm, anywhere in my family room…(you get the point). I’m obviously not a neat freak but I do prefer things to be clean and organized. I just can’t manage it most of the time. Read more

Gratitude May 12th

The weather is beautiful today. And it’s about time! Bright and sunny with temperatures in the mid-60s. I just came back from a short walk around the office and enjoyed every second of the amazing sunshine!

We’re expecting a nor’easter tomorrow so I’m thankful for every ray of sun. It’s been a hectic and stressful roller coaster of a week. In the rush of life, I need to be a little more grounded and grateful. 

Today I’m grateful for sunshine, a healthy grandma who is coming home from the hospital today, and my supportive family. 

This weekend is Mother’s Day and I’m absolutely looking forward to the sweet card my little girl has made for me and hidden away so I don’t peek. We’re expecting our first honeybees and that’s thrilling! And of course homemade burgers on the grill. 

Wishing all the mamas out there a beautiful Mother’s Day!

DIY Carpet Deodorizer

I love freshly cleaned carpets. Having all of the carpets professionally cleaned makes the whole house look and feel better.

With 3 cats, 2 dogs, 1 rabbit, kids and a husband, the carpets definitely take a beating. Our little Miniature Pinscher was not potty trained when we got her last year and she still has accidents occasionally. The geriatric cat forgets to use, or misses, the litter box. Needless to say, our house and carpets are sometimes less fresh than I would like.  Read more