Totally a Monday…and the Duck Song

Today has seriously been a Mon-day! Ugh.

Work has been frustrating and unproductive because my IT department insisted I needed a new computer. As expected, the transition to a new computer has not gone smoothly. Then, someone cleaned the fridge and threw out my lunch (delicious leftovers from a great date last night with my sweetie.)

At this point, I just needed to get outside for sun and fresh air. I plugged in my headphones to listen to music for a few minutes and the Duck Song started playing! I totally forgot my daughter downloaded it this weekend. Haha! Instantly calmer and more perspective. A good laugh can do that. I seriously started singing along in the parking lot. “Then he waddled away. Waddle, waddle.” Seriously. Too funny.

If you don’t know the Duck Song, you an watch it on YouTube here or download from Amazon.

Enjoy the adorable little duck!

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