I found this stunning maple leaf one day as I walked in to work. It’s was glorious day with unseasonably warm weather. 

      I really dislike the change of summer to fall and the bare trees all winter long. But this stunning leaf was a reminder from God that even though things change, there’s always beauty and things to be thankful for. 

      Today I’m thankful for the doctors, nurses and staff caring for my grandmother post-stroke. I am also thankful for quiet Saturdays. Even though the little one has a stomach bug, it has been a blessing to clear off the schedule and stay home with her. At 9, I know my time to snuggle with her are very limited. I blessed by each moment we spend together. 

      What are you grateful for today? Is it family, health, a lite schedule, clean laundry or dirty dishes? I’d love to chat in the comments below! 

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