Donate Expired Coupons to Overseas Military

I love couponing, saving money and getting a good deal. Each week I collect the Sunday coupon inserts from several friends and family members and even after I’ve clipped all the coupons I need for the week or might need in the upcoming weeks, there’s still an over abundance of perfectly good coupons left over. I used to toss the, in the recycling until I found out about an amazing non-profit organization called Coups for Troops that allows you to donate expired coupons.

Coups for Troops connects people and groups across the country who have extra coupons with military families Read more

Pretty little hive

Loving our little backyard beehive. These boys and girls are always super busy buzzing around. It’s amazingly humbling to sit for a minute and see the activity of these thousands of God’s creatures.

In one of my favorite videos, popular YouTube homesteader Wranglerstar mentions how the incredible work done by honeybees is not left up to chance.  The marvelous feat of creating honey comb and honey is definitely the result of a higher power.

Loose Tire!!!

I hate taking my car to be repaired. It’s a total pain in the you-know-where.  I recently got a flat tire. When I took it to the shop to be fixed, it was beyond repair. They needed to order one as well as order all new pressure sensors because they were starting to break and fall apart. The sensor was the likely cause of this flat tire. So this meant a second trip to the repair shop. Read more

Backyard Beehive

So I’ve been dying to get bees for a few years. Just like having backyard chickens, beekeeping feels so natural and calming. There is something so calming to my soul watching Gods creatures peacefully going about their business, part of a much greater plan in the circle of life. And the process of collecting honey looks like so much fun! Read more

Seed starting time!

Wow, I can’t believe the change in weather lately! Yesterday morning was cold, rainy and nasty. Even at 2 pm driving over the Shawangunk Ridge, the weather was dreary and foggy. I had about a half hour to kill before my appointment with naturopath (the most amazing woman in the world!), Read more

Quilt Update! 

Well, I finally chose the fabric for my first quilt! I am thrilled with the beautiful Jelly Roll. But before I go into detail, first, I want to share the amazing the selection of fabrics, sets and rolls available from Missouri Star Quilt Company
Missouri Star Quilt Company has a huge selection of precut quilting fabrics (including jelly rolls and charm packs) and fabric by the yard from over 20 different brands! My favorite brand being Moda Fabrics with all of their fun and whimsical patterns. There are also amazing  Daily Deals, a Sale Bin and Quilting Specials. I love beautiful fabric and a sale makes it even better! I want to buy absolutely everything they have!!

I chose a few different jelly rolls, batting and quilt back material. They were all a good price, I hit the free shipping threshold, I was able to get everything I needed and it arrived only a few short days later. Perfect!

After searching and pondering for hours, I finally decided on the Farm Fun pattern by Moda. It’s adorable with cute chickens, little farm house, and beehive patterns! Now that I had all the materials, ‘all’ I had to do was find a little free time to get sewing. Easier said than done! But I did manage an hour so while the little one was playing with her friend next door. I watched Missouri Star Quilt Company’s tutorials on YouTube before I got started. Honestly, I replayed the video many times before even while pulling out the sewing machine. Once I got started, it was a little tricky getting the strips sewn together and figuring out what to do with 1600 inches of fabric. I think I attached everything correctly but again, it took several viewings of the YouTube video. 

I was able to get all the strips sewn together and compleye 4 rows before running out of time. This took much more than an hour even though the video says you can have the whole quilt top done in 45 minutes!! Not me, apparently. Oh well. Story of my life. 

Maybe some day I’ll find another hour or two to keep plugging along. Good thing I have 18 months left before the quilt show. Wish me luck! 

DIY Stadium Seat

Do you sit on cold, hard bleachers at your child’s sporting events? Are you tired of a sore backside after every game?? I hate being cold and I hate sitting on freezing cold bleachers. Just life as a hockey mom. Until I remembered the warm cushions my father used to take on hunting trips. Anyone remember this roundish, bean-filled, camouflaged things? I didn’t want camo and I coulsvwind those old seats anyway. So I decided I should make my own version of a hunting seat cushion to bring along to hockey games and practices. 

So, here’s how I did it. As you can see, I’m not much for exact measurements. Also, feel free to adjust the size of the foam to meet your needs and budget. 

Materials: 1 piece upholstery foam 15″x17″X2″ from Joanns (purchased with a coupon, of course!)
2 pieces of fleece in any patter/color about 10 inches wider than the foam (I eyeballed it)

To make life easier, I purchased 1 yard of fleece and estimated all the measuremts and cutting. With the fabric folded in half and raw edges together, lay the foam on top of the fabric approximately 4-5 inches all the way around. Then cut the folded edge. 

Leaving the foam in place, cut a 4″ by 4″ section out of each corner. 

Now, cut 1″ wide strips all the way around, stopping 1/2″ away from the foam. 
Make a sandwich out of the foam and fabric with once piece of fabric on the bottom, foam in the middle and second price of fabric on top, making sure the right sides are facing out. 
Finally, double knot the corresponding top and bottom strips all around. 

Voila!! A comfy, cozy stadium seat to keep your bottom warm and happy! 

If the fabric on your stadium seat gets dirty, it’s easy to untie and throw in the washer. 

The entire project cost about $10 and took about 30 minutes, including tying. 

**note that fleece is not the best material to use if you anticipate using your stadium seat in wet or snowy weather. For me, it works excellent for the multitude of hockey games and practices each week. 

Sleighriding fail?

Upstate New York has received nearly two feet of snow in the last 14 days. Lots of snow, lots of cold weather. Last Sunday when we got out of church, it was snowing like mad. The beginning of the week continued with a few snow flurries and seasonable temperatures. 
Saturday the temperature was incredibly warm. At 9am, we grabbed our snow gear, sleds and snowshoes for some winter fun around our yard before the craziness of the day began. We showshoed around the yard for a bit, threw snowballs then went sledding down my moms hill. It was so warm, even I was sweating and had to take my coat off. 

Since the weather was amazing and it’s a three-day weekend, I decided we needed to find a much bigger hill to sleigh ride down on Monday. The day before, the temperature reached a balmy 60 degrees! Crazy for February!

Again, we got all our snow stuff together and this time loaded it all into the car and headed for the big hill. Super excited, we pulled into the parking lot (the hill is actually a well known hiking spot) and…

Serious disappointment. There was barely any snow left. We almost didn’t even get out of the car. We sat and pondered the hill for a few minutes while eating the snack we brought. 

Eventually the excitement from the last two days of anticipation got the better of us and we braved the muddy parking lot, icy path and climbed to the top. The first run down, we both got stuck on grassy patches and thought sleighriding was over. 

Adjusting our path down the hill some, we managed to squeak in a piece just wide enough and steep enough to propel us over the grass and continue down the hill. This area was actually quite icy but that was perfect! We slid even further down on the grass and though it wasn’t a hill, it was still super fast and super fun. 

Initially, this was a total mom fail. I’m glad we convinced ourselves to give the hill a try. We had a blast, giggled a lot and made some good mom-daughter memories.