5 Ways to Easily Save Money for College

Do you want to save money for college so your child is not strapped with debt after 4 years of school? It’s no secret that college costs have skyrocketed over the last decade-and the costs keeps increasing. As a parent, I hate the idea of my child starting her adult life strapped with debt. And although I don’t anticipate being able to pay 100% of college costs, I’d like to help as much as possible. Without too much difficulty and very little sacrifice in your daily life (don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest you give up your daily Starbucks fix), I’m going to show you 5 ways you can easily save money for a college education. Read more

Earn Money While Driving?!

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Do you commute to work? Drive the kids around to a zillion different activities every week? Do you want to warn a few extra dollars without any work?

If you raised your hand to any of these questions, then you need to try MileUp! MileUp logs the number of miles you drive using the location services and Activity Tracker information in your phone. For every mile you drive, you earn 2 points. Once you’ve earned 2,000 points (or roughly 1,000 miles), you can redeem the points for $5 gift cards to retailers such as Amazon, GameStop, Dominos pizza, and iTunes. A few select retailers require 4,000 points for a $5 gift card, including Regal Cinemas. MileUp offers weekly challenges to help you reach the cash-in threshold quicker.

I love MileUp! It’s easy to use and does all the work for you. You just set it up and let it count away. I particularly like that it converts the points to dollars for you so you always know how close (or far!) you are from earning your next gift card. No calculating or guessing, all the math is done for you. 
With just my daily commute, errands and running to hockey practices, I’ve earned $20 in Amazon gift cards in six weeks. I love getting a little reward for doing something I’m doing anyway. And this is nice bits of ‘found money’ here and there that you can save up and treat yourself to something you might otherwise feel guilty about! I’ve used my rewards to purchase a hat, a decal for my car and I’m eyeballing some crafting supplies and movie tickets next.  

The only negative to the app that I have found is it somewhat frequently requires you to input your phone number and enter a code. Although slightly annoying, it only takes a few seconds. (This seems to be less frequent than when I originally signed up.)

Use this link to sign up now and start earning money just for driving! I hope you enjoy MileUp as much as I do!