Real Life Wednesday 

As much as I try to keep my car clean, most of the time it looks like the photo above. This is an actual photo of the floor of the front of my car. 

We brought some pretzels and Cheez Its to sewing class last weekend and they are still there. One morning on the way to work this week, I was starving, reached for the box of Cheez It’s (not realizing it was open) and Bam! Cheez It disaster everywhere. 

Then there’s the iced tea bottle from somewhere. And a Girl Scout cookie order form. And some random mail. 

At the current moment, most every inch of the car looks the same. The seats, the floor, the trunk. There’s even two sewing machines clunking around! Why is it so much easier to carry everything to the car but a total pain and nearly impossible to bring these same items back into the house?!? I have no idea…

Keeping a clean car is a huge struggle for me. Again, not sure why but that’s just the way I’m wired, I suppose.