Christmas Gift List

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. December begins in just a few more days. Christmas shopping is in full swing. This year I’m mostly shopping for my 9-year old daughter and a few older family members.


Legos have been the big thing in our house for the last year or so. There are so many different sets that are super fun to make together as a family or for your child to do alone. I think at this point, we have nearly all the Lego Friends and most of the Lego Elves sets. So when I saw this Lego Women of Nasa set and Lego Space Shuttle, I couldn’t resist. Love when I can encourage strong and powerful women and have fun. I’ll also be purchasing the Lego Friends Ice Skating Rink. You can find these sets on Amazon, though they have been sold out and restocked periodically. Lego Women of Nasa and Lego Creator Space Shuttle


My girl is really into astronomy and space so we’re considering adding a telescope to our very short list of astronomy things. We’re planning to visit a planetarium at a local college in a few week so a telescope and some astronomy books will hopefully encourage her love of space. Not sure yet what model or brand of telescope to purchase, but we’ve been comparing several from a list at

Photo Gifts

One of my favorite gifts to give, and receive, is anything personalized with a family photo. I’ve always created photo calendars from Shutterfly but this year I’ve gone way beyond that. Shutterfly has amazing new photo gifts for purchase and the coupon deals have been just as awesome. So far, I’ve ordered a Christmas stocking with several photos from the year, 2 photo calendars, all of my Christmas and holiday cards, a metal bookmark, magnets, notebook, address labels, and a 16″ x 10″ photo. I see myself ordering a few more prints of school photos as gifts for aunts and uncles. If you haven’t tried Shutterfly yet, I highly recommend them. There’s always several promotions available on their website, and even better ones on their app, to help you save some money. Click here to get a free Shutterfly 8″x8″ photo book for new members.

Tire Changing Machine and Snow Tires

My husband owns a construction business. With all of our equipment, trailers and personal vehicles, we have over 70 tires to maintain at any one point. Craziness!! Replacing and maintaining over 70 tires is ridiculously costly. Hubby previously worked at repair shop and would be able to maintain all of our tires himself if he had the appropriate equipment. So, after several years of discussing purchasing one, we’re taking the plunge. Though this is a business-related purchase, a tire changing machine with wheel balancer (no idea what all this really means…) will be his big Christmas gift. If you’re like me and really don’t know what this is, you can check it out on Amazon. Tire Changing Machine. This gift is just in time to mount and balance the 4 new snowtires my oldest daughter is getting as her Christmas gift. 🙂

NY Knicks tickets

My youngest stepson and his dad have started a tradition of visiting New York City and catching a NY Knicks game for Christmas and his birthday in February. Looks like another guy weekend and pair of basketball tickets is in our future.

Handmade Soaps 

Every year at the state fair, we seek out the Morning Mist handmade soap vendor. The quality of the soap is amazing. It smells terrific and lasts quite a while, as handmade soaps go. Morning Mist Farms also has a

Stocking Stuffers

I love Black Friday sales. Not the jam packed big box stores sales, but drug stores instead. I was able to get a large assortment of candy, gum, make-up and other small items perfect for stockings. As always, I love free or nearly free things!

Other gifts

During the summer, I purchased a bushel of peaches and canned a lot of peach pie filling, peach jam and peach syrup. I also saved and dried several pints of mint leaves for tea. I love giving out these homemade gifts to friends and relatives who don’t really need or want anything but I still want to give a gift to. My sister will definitely be the recipient of these homemade goodies.

My other favorite gift is Yankee candles. Awhile back, they were having a terrific sale. I purchased 8 candles quite inexpensive and added car fresheners of various sorts. They have been in the gift stockpile since and will be made into gifts for the holidays.

I’m sure there will be a few other odds and ends, but that’s the bulk of my Christmas and holiday shopping.

What’s on your shopping list? Do you have any hints for saving money this holiday season? Leave a comment below!

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